Bookkeeping for Wholesale Industry

Providing bookkeeping service is our forte, we have experience and knowledge of bookkeeping in the wholesale industry. We also provide our wholesale clients with weekly, monthly or annual statements as per their requirements. So, this gives them an overview of their businesses’ financial position.

Inventory management:

Wholesale businesses involve managing huge inventories that comprises numerous transactions among various suppliers and retailers. Thus, understanding these dynamics of this industry we at Meru Accounting use an array of accounting software that makes inventory management easy and hassle-free and our clients can focus on their business with no worry.

Cash management and cash inflow:

Managing cash and their inflow is very essential and a priority for any industry. So, cash flow is must to run a business and to maintain its financial stability. Understanding this need, we at Meru Accounting provide our clients with effective cash management and cash flow management so they can grow with no hassle.

Accounts payables and receivables:

We understand the importance of payables and receivables, as we know that it can affect the cash flow of a company. That’s why we also provide the services of account payables and receivables management apart from the bookkeeping services.

Growth of business:

The wholesale industry is widely affected by different rules and regulations as the suppliers and purchasers can be from any industry. Thus it’s very important to be aware about the nitty-gritty of various sectors as well. We have experience in dealing with changing dynamics of this industry and thus we provide our wholesalers clients with impeccable services which at the end help their business to grow, as we believe that their growth is our growth.

Trained professional:

We at Aandle Accounting have a highly trained professional workforce to meet our clients’ requirements. We train our team of professional to handle the accounting and reconciling tasks at different levels in the supply chain, retailers, and manufacturers, so we can provide our wholesale clients with the best of our services.

Versatility in services:

With the era of digitalization, we also offer these services to both online merchants and brick and mortar wholesalers.


Tax filing is a must for any given industry. It takes a lot of time and effort for a company to calculate the taxes to be paid. That’s why we provide our clients with taxation facility. Our experts effectively calculate the accurate taxes, so that our clients can concentrate on their core part without worrying about the complications of taxes.

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