Profit Analysis

In any sector to survive, profitability is the key. A firm can have great products or services, but if it cannot make a profit, it won’t last in the competition in the long run. Profitability also helps in maintaining and managing the required financial support. We, at Meru Accounting, provide an agile and accurate report of monthly profit for different service departments of the firm. Hence, the firm can function accurately.

The categorisation of sales and services

A well established IT firm can have different departments with many arrays of the client base. We understand the vastness of it and have expertise in the analysis of department wise performance. Our expert executives take care of different departments after understanding the requirements of a firm.

Depreciation calculation

The IT infrastructures are prone to depreciation in the era of advancing technology, thus to get the exact value of your investments, we provide a detailed report of the valuation of systems and software.

Financial viability of projects

Maintaining the financial viability of a firm is very essential. A software firm’s success depends on the viability of the projects that are carried out. We at Aandle Accounting provide our clients with a proper financial analysis of projects, which includes predicting future cash flows and valuation will show the project’s success. The better the analysis, the better it becomes to take important decisions related to the business.

Receivables Management

The source of income for any firm is the payment it receives from its clients through various modes. We have expertise in different payment methods. Thus, we help our clients by ensuring the timely receipt of payments along with accurate reconcilement when they use payment gateways like PayPal, Eway, stripe, trans first, Square N, we pay, etc.

Strategic planning

We also plan our clients’ accounting strategy, from taking care of their books of accounts to manage the payments and receipts. We also make timely analysis to make sure that cash flow requirements are mate with no hindrance, and our clients can grow with no worries.

Corporate and sales tax

Like all the industries have to make provisions for taxes, the IT industry is not any exception! We at Meru Accounting perform this on behalf of our clients, so we can eliminate the last moment panic.

Financial anticipation

We understand that the main reason that a firm opts for accounting services is that it can know how the business has performed during a year from its books of accounts and profit analysis. We provide accurate financial analysis to our clients so they can have good future anticipation on his business. Also, help them so they can make important financial decisions based on it.

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