We also facilitate our clients for accounting in a Farming business where we help our clients in preparing a budget, managing cash flow, and to identify performance indicators for the development of their business.

Cash flow forecast is important in the farming business due to the seasonal nature of the business and we help by a weekly cash flow analysis to help you to manage your cash flows in a better manner. Better cash management would ensure that the business neither has excess cash nor a cash crunch Reporting on-farm gross margins by Season.

We at Aandle Accounting help businesses to compare the performance with key benchmarks for the Agriculture industry and performance visa benchmarks.

Preparing profit Projections and budgeting based on Key Performance Indicators. Analyzing the Key performance indicators and comparison of KPI with benchmarks. We help businesses to do budgeting and planning during off-peak seasons which can help farmers to prepare themselves during the farming season.


Also, tracking expenses in the farming business is very crucial, since the period of business operations change with the seasons. There may be many disguise expenses like a job done by a family member that one needs to record. Farmers do not consider it as an expense, so they do not record it. However, these kinds of disguise expenses will help you claim more tax returns at the year-end.

Aandle Accounting, help you identify these types of expenses. We also help you in recording and managing accounts in the farming business. We track all the accounts receivables and payables precisely and ensure that no invoice and receipts are missed and also, adequately recorded too.

The farming business is one of those businesses that deal with the real-time cash flow the most. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to it. We help you manage the cash flow and alerts you whenever there are inflation and deficit in the cash so that proper measures can be taken.

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