Aandle Accounting specializes in bookkeeping for Aged Care business

Aandle Accounting has a deep and qualitative understanding of the aged care business and its nitty-gritty. We help our clients manage cash flows and costs to make their business viable and also in knowing the financial position of their business.

  • At Aandle Accounting, we have a deep understanding of the aged care business and the business nuances of the aged care business.
  • We assist in managing receivables ensuring that cash receipts are perfectly managed for business.
  • We also advise on the best software that you can use for your aged care business.
  • Also, we help you in integrating the operational software with your accounting system so you can have efficient reporting using both systems.

We help you track the costs by various cost centres helping you know profits by

  • Profits by Individuals build from businesses
  • Costs in Facilities across Different Locations
  • Type of Packages Provided to Individuals

Since age care business is a distinct business, its accounting and bookkeeping to are apparently different. We understand the complexities it faces from recording the data until finishing the year-end final reports. So, we at Meru Accounting assist your aged care business with:

  • Providing bookkeeping services on a day-to-day basis so that we do not miss a single transaction.
  • Assisting you in converting your traditional accounting software to Xero, which increases accounting efficiency and helps you in better management of your books of accounts.
  • Better payroll management with us.
  • We help you with payables management and in tracking the due date for making payments and make payments on your behalf so that your terms with the creditors are always good.
  • We track and record every invoice, receipts, records, and bank transactions and ensure that nothing is missed.


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