Accounting for Lawyers Professionals

Lawyers and law firms don’t have time for bookkeeping and accounting neither should devote their time.

Lawyers’ profession needs a different bookkeeping for legal businesses as it requires them to compile it for various governing bodies. Therefore, we accurately manage our clients’ accounts to help them flourish. We also help our clients for smooth integration of their online websites with accounting software. In addition, we understand the intricacies of a legal business and understand trust accounting for your legal business. Accounting for lawyers needs a detailed understanding of bookkeeping requirements for lawyers in complying with various governing bodies. Hence, we at Meru Accounting work on integrating our client’s accounting system with their legal software. Some legal software available are leaping their Legal software (Cloud-based, Trust accounting, providing good formats for conveyance, Will and Estate Accounting) Clio Software (Integrates with Xero, Invoicing the clients, Cloud-based platform, Case Management) Case Fox (Web-based software, Timekeeping via SMS, Integration with Google, Trust accounting, Calendering).

Law professionals require efficient accounting, finance and billing. These tasks compiled together need a good number of employees. As your business expands, it becomes a challenging task to manage the day to day accounting process with an additional cost of accounting personnel. It calls for both investment of money and time in in-house accounting personnel instead outsource to Meru accounting.

Below are some core aspects of accounting a law firm-

  • Trust accounting (Accounting for money received with trust)
  • Receivables accounting (tracking receivables and ensuring that receivables are timely, resulting in efficient cash flow)
  • Profit sharing among partners based on generating the lead from the client
  • Payables accounting that mainly comprises accounting for expenses
  • Ensuring compliance with laws related to record keeping
  • Branch accounting (For branches of Law firm)
  • Staff cost is a major proportion of Payroll management (Complying with Payroll laws for lawyers)
Focus more on your practice and client acquisition

Hire our professional accounting services

Meru accounting provides you with a professional accounting solution for lawyers.
We know how bookkeeping and accounting task is time-consuming and often a redundant task that demands attention to detail and due diligence

Our team consists of CPAs, Character accountants and accountants hold years of practice and experience in serving lawyers, independent attorneys and law firms. We provide a complete solution of accounting, finance management and tax solutions to all types of law professionals.
We understand the law firm accounting is different from the other sector. We have a dedicated team to handle the special needs of law firm accounting practices. We manage everything from bookkeeping to client invoicing to monthly expense to payroll management. We serve the entire accounting process.

Why choose us?


Meru Accounting provided high skilled accounting experts well versed with the use of different cloud-based software like XERO, QuickBooks, and MYOB etc. They provide credible insights into business information. With unlimited reporting, the use of cloud-based accounting software helps to serve you remotely and around the clock support.


Outsourcing accounting to Meru accounting will remove all the problems like staff turnover, training and handling of employees and will save your time and resource for client acquisition.


Outsourcing your work will give a better internal system and will ensure transparency as we provide virtual accounting service.


Outsourcing to Meru accounting helps to save your money that could end up in paying wages, office space rent, perks, administration expense and other costs etc. You don’t need to incur these additional costs.


We have an hourly rate system, you need to pay for the number of hours you availed our service. Unlike those independent accountants or services that have a fixed price, we are economical in price.


We serve all legal professionals irrespective whether you work in the area of criminal or personal injury, annulment, business or litigation; we manage all accounting, bookkeeping and cash flow, taxation, payroll process of a lawyer. Our team ensures proper records of your business information.