Accounting and Bookkeeping service for the education sector

Establishing and running an education institute is challenging as it always requires to maintain a set standard. Apart from maintaining an excellent standard, it also has to take care of educational and operational demands. With the educational industry evolving with the use of technology, many schools and colleges are looking for a skilled financial advisor.

As CPA firm Meru accounting has served its accounting and bookkeeping service to various schools, colleges and universities to help them to manage its finances and operational efficiency. We also take care of the different state and central government compliances of schools, colleges etc.

Financial Management of Education sectors

Financial Management of Education sectors is a challenging job: Meru accounting understands its unique challenges and offers professional services to schools, colleges, universities and any form of education institutes.

The education industry is evolving with trending technologies. Regular classes are now updating with smart classes and are becoming interactive in day to day curriculum. With technological advancement, the education sectors are facing additional responsibility of maintaining the different facilities, accountability for public funds, maintaining education standards etc.

Education centers like any business also require financial stability to run their institutes. It is dynamic industries that update continuously like curriculum change, infrastructure improvements, hiring additional staff, etc. The inflow of finance and management is a complex and time-consuming process. Thus, schools, colleges and universities are now looking for professional accountants to manage their financial activities.

A professional CPA firm understands mounting pressure on the educational industry and is a one-stop solution to all the accounting and finance management problems.

We manage the books of your education business precisely by our in-class bookkeeping services. From registering students and teachers to calculating and scrutinizing the monthly profits to manage receivables and revenues, we take care of everything.

  • The education business needs a monthly analysis of profits to ensure that the business sustains in the long run.
  • Therefore, we take care of the bookkeeping for your education business from recording student master to reporting of profitability per cost center.
  • We also take care of the bookkeeping business by timely invoicing the students, which ensures that the revenue is perfectly reconciled.

Key performance indicators in education business which needs to be tracked

  • Number of students enrolled versus teachers allocated
  • Cost per student on roll
  • Student attrition ratio
  • Marginal cost for new students.

Why choose Meru Accounting?

The Right Place

  • Meru accounting offers complete bookkeeping, accounting and taxation solution. Whether its registration of students or teachers, managing receivables, or revenues, we serve every nook and corner of the accounting process.
  • Expertise in serving and handling the financial management from small nurseries, schools to every form of an educational institute.
  • Business advice making your financial statement more transparent.
  • Ensures accountability of the public money, they control.
  • Monthly analysis of profit.
  • Recording student master and reporting of profitability and marginal cost per new student etc.
  • Accounting and compliances solution under the same roof.

The Right People

  • Our team consists of qualified CPA, Charter accountants and accountants who have years of experience in serving the education sector. Meru experts have created a dent for their in-depth knowledge, capabilities and accessibility and hands-on style.
  • We have experience in working with different accounting software such as MYOB, QuickBooks, and Wave etc. and also have Xero silver certification.
  • Virtual accountants that serve you remotely.
  • 24 x7 accessibility and response.
  • Customized service to the client with chat, mail and skype support.
  • We serve across to countries – USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore

The Right Price:

Outsourcing to us may sound expensive as compared to the in-house accountants. We understand the concern over the fees of outsourcing a financial consultant. Not putting pressure of additional cost, we bill in terms of the hour of service availed by you. The price is not a key indicator of our service. We assure each hour of quality service and customer satisfaction.